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Q: I'm not sure where I am...what is this site?
A: It's a place for me to put some basic info & post photos once in a while.

Q: That sounds dull. Is there anything actually interesting on this site?
A: Not really, unless you consider a few reasonably pretty photos interesting.

Q: Are you on Google+?
A: Yes, here.

Q: Are you on Twitter?
A: Yes, here, but I only use it rarely now.

Q: Are you on Facebook?
A: Yes, against my better judgment.

Q: Why does this site look the way it does?
A: Because I wanted it to be easy to use on a small-screen mobile device.

Q: No, I mean why does it look like crap?
A: Oh. That's because I'm not much of a web designer.

Q: I noticed this site is coded as if it was still 2001. Why haven't you learned CSS by now...are you lazy or just stupid?
A: Both.